Kubota DC-35 Combine Harvester in Zambia

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-35
Horsepower: 33hp
Fuel Capacity: 60L
Grain Tank Capacity: 130 L
Ground Clearance: 300 mm
Body Weight: 3,150



Kubota’s combine harvesters and other machines for rice farming have decreased labor costs and increased output by mechanizing the most labor-requiring rice farming operations. The Kubota Combine harvester is taking benefit of the enhanced mechanization of rice plantations to produce solutions for consumers. Kubota has been manufacturing combine harvesters for almost half a century. It is Kubota’s motto to help as many farmers as possible. It is enabling them to grow more grains of rice, by providing the necessary machinery as a leading expert in this industry. Tractors Zambia has been carrying this mission of Kubota further successfully by supplying its combine harvesters in Zambia. One such combine that farmers must check out is the Kubota DC-35.


The DC-35 combine harvester has the best features

Kubota DC 35 is a compact combine harvester in Zambia, nearly weighing up to 1550kg. Because of its small and portable size, it can work very effectively on farms that are comparatively smaller in size. The horsepower exuded by this wonderful machine is calculated to be 35 hp. The grain tank storing ability of DC-35 is 130L while the fuel capacity (the amount of fuel adjusted in its fuel tank) is measured up to 60L. The ground clearance is measured to be approximately 300mm. The battery operated within this combine harvester is 12V to sustain the operations of threshing and reaping quite deliberately. The harvesting capacity of this harvester is measured to be 0.1 – 0.3ha/hr for rice. Such a marvelous device having this many features attracts farmers of any kind to buy this and you shouldn’t be the one left out. Buy this machine now from Tractors Zambia.


How beneficial is the use of DC-35?

Kubota DC-35 combine harvester is ideal for small paddy fields. Moreover, the DC-35 is small and easy to use as it is designed for deliberate harvesting areas, and its quick and efficient rotation allows harvesting in narrow spaces. The Narrow Ridge’s smart design minimizes the time it takes to go from one point to another.

Small fields will benefit from the Kubota DC-35’s incredible design and low mass weight. Because of its size, it should make working easier and faster for users. It is best for all kinds of work environments. It is very light and its broad crawler causes the dirt to exert less strain on the vehicle. Henceforth, Kubota combines are a potent solution for Zambia’s farmers to combat the lack of agricultural resources.


Price of the DC-35 combine harvester

At Tractors Zambia, our brand new combine harvesters are up for sale. These combine harvesters are kept at low and affordable prices to allow Zambia’s farmers to take as much advantage as possible from these fabulous harvesting combines. A Kubota combine harvester in Zambia is available at unbelievably cheap prices at our online tractor dealer in Zambia. We take care of our Zambian farmer community by providing them with as much relief as possible. In modern times where inflation has struck the poor working farmers badly, saving some pennies on an expensive machine like a combine could make a big difference.

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