Kubota DC-70 Plus Combine Harvester in Zambia

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70 Plus
Horsepower: 69
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Min. Ground Clearance: 325mm
Cutting Width (mm): 2075
Body Weight: 3,000
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Combine harvesters in modern times are widely used for harvesting crops throughout the globe. A combine harvester completes plenty of functions in terms of harvesting. Their importance cannot be ignored, as they not only produce months of results within days and days within hours but also because they have been successful in minimizing the need for skilled labor expenditures. Furthermore, the combines are comfortable to operate and especially Kubota combines can be easily operated. They are resilient and if maintained properly can serve any farmer for a number of years.

Let me help you choose the best option for your paddy fields by suggesting the Kubota’s DC-70 PLUS combine harvester available for sale at Tractors Zambia.


The unique features of the DC-70 plus

Kubota DC-70 Plus is a combine harvester that has made a significant difference by means of its boosting features. A direct injection exuding 70 hp is embedded within this piece of agricultural equipment. The fuel tank can adjust approximately 85L of fuel to be able to work for longer durations. The battery of 12V / 65 Ah is right next to the engine while the hydraulic speed shift system can easily handle the changing speed needs. The major quality of this combine is in the fact that the steering is power-driven while a smooth brake system can stop the combine at sudden points. The overall weight is measured up to be 3000 kg. The fuel consumption of Kubota DC-70 Plus is quite less as well ranging at 7.5 Litres per hour. The durability and the operational output of this combine are quite inspiring as this combine can harvest up to 1 to 1.25 Acres of land per hour. It is capable of harvesting crops including rice, corn, wheat, flax, millet, sorghum, etc.


Various advantages of the DC-70 Plus combine harvester

A combine harvester has plenty of advantages, and it attracts the attention of farmers. This agricultural instrument has made way for the farmers of Zambia toward simpler agricultural harvesting means that are both minimal in cost and time-reducing. Within the same time, a greater amount of cleaner and undamaged harvested crops can be obtained especially using the DC-70 plus. Moreover, the human reliance on harvesting procedures is also greatly decreased. The regeneration of the growing crops is also stimulated as usual if the harvested crops are harvested via a Kubota combine harvester, i.e DC-70 plus combine harvester.


How much a DC-70 plus combine harvester can cost generally?

The cost of a combine harvester in Zambia varies depending upon their sizes and horsepower range. Many types of combine harvesters having variable horsepowers have prices set up according to their unique properties. Depending upon the requirements of the field, farmers can buy combine harvesters from Tractors Zambia at prices they can afford easily. The DC-70 Plus combine harvester is also available for sale at a price suitable to the farmers of Zambia at Tractors Zambia.

So, why wait any longer to meet your harvester needs by relying upon conventional methods, when you can have a marvelous combine harvester? Get your favorite DC-70 plus combine harvester now by ordering it on our website at Tractors Zambia.