New Holland Tractors for Sale in Zambia

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We’re offering the best agricultural machinery for your comfort

For our Zambian customers, we at Tractors Zambia are here to bring mechanization into your farming processes. On our website, you can find tractors, combine harvesters, farm implements, bikes, and other agricultural accessories which can be attached. We are the leading tractor dealers in Zambia as we ensure safety, reliability, and quality.

Agriculture has always been important to Zambia and plays an essential role in its GDP. The country must take steps to make farming simpler and more productive by utilizing technology. Therefore, farmers in Zambia should use our high-tech tractors and other farming equipment to increase the yield and quality of their cash crops.

If you’re looking for a tractor, get a New Holland model

New Holland is a prominent agricultural machinery manufacturer which has made a presence globally with its reliable and beneficial products. The values, performances, and productivity of your machines are always backed by New Holland. The main goal of this company is to assist farmers in becoming better at every step of the agricultural process.

With the vast and full-scale selection of 35-90 HP tractors and the most cutting-edge farm mechanization options, New Holland assists in increasing total profitability. The New Holland tractors have great motor power along with many other outstanding features such as a remarkable transmission system.

The New Holland tractors we currently have available are the NH 480S, NH 640, NH 70-56, NH Dabung, and the NH Ghazi.

NH 480S

The NH 480S works well in breaking tough soils with its 55 horsepower and high PTO power. It has a 4-Stroke, direct injection diesel engine with maximum torque at 1,500 rpm of 22.7 kgm. This tractor has a dual plate clutch dry-type with separate controls while having relatively less fuel consumption and a fuel tank capacity of 54 liters making it popular.

NH 640

This New Holland tractor has a powerful diesel engine with 85 horsepower and maximum torque at 1.400 rpm of 24.9 kgm. It has a fuel tank of 54 liters and a hydraulic pump system. The NH 640 is mainly known for ploughing because of its laser land leveler and disc plough. With an operating weight of 2100 kilograms, it can also be used for haulage purposes.

NH 70-56

The New Holland 70-56 Tractor has exceptional fuel consumption along with a strong engine of 85 horsepower. This tractor has maximum torque at 1500 rpm of 27 kgm and has a hydrostatic power steering with an independent circuit which provides the operator a great deal of comfort. It performs many tasks but is ideal for cultivation and tillage practices.

NH Dabung

This tractor in Zambia is beneficial because of its sturdy rear portion and 85 horsepower. With its maximum torque at 1,600 rpm of 29.7 kgm and heavy-duty displacement, this tractor can balance and transfer load in worn-out fields with ease. The manual transmission of this tractor is easy to use and maintain and has a fuel tank of 65 liters.

NH Ghazi

The NH Ghazi is a tractor with 65 horsepower made to fulfill all your needs in a cost-effective manner. It has maximum torque at 1,500 rpm of 23.9 Kgm and a 54-liter fuel tank capacity. To make the driving experience smoother with a hydro-assisted power steering and the addition of a spacer between the gearbox and axle case.

All these are for sale at Tractors Zambia for your convenience. Grab your opportunity to acquire these quality tractors for your farm and enjoy the features they come with. To find further information, visit our website at and get in contact with our representatives to make a purchase.