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Find opportunities to expand your yield with our machinery

Agriculture plays a crucial role in Zambia and has the potential to become a vital source of economic growth for the country. To be able to do so, Zambian farmers have to add more mechanization into their farming process. We can assist them as Tractors Zambia is an agricultural machinery supplier with Zambia’s best interest at heart.

Our equipment is effective and reliable while being economical. We offer tractors, combine harvesters, farm implements, and further accessories which can help the farmers of Zambia be more at ease while enjoying many other benefits including lower costs.

Why are tractors important for the betterment of crops?

Tractors are valuable because of their ability to perform various agricultural tasks such as cultivating, planting, harvesting, and ploughing crops. This machine is used to prepare the land for planting crops as well as satisfying basic farming needs.

But their use is not limited to these tasks, they can also be used for transporting any goods, people, or waste. Overall, tractors for Zambia can be advantageous because they provide the efficiency and accuracy that human labor cannot.

We have Massey Ferguson to provide the finest machinery for you

Massey Ferguson is a world-known American agricultural machinery manufacturer. In addition to that, it is the world’s biggest tractor company. Massey Ferguson is committed to helping farmers all around the world increase their agricultural productivity, financial success, and improve their standard of living.

Massey Ferguson tractors have gained popularity because of the many advantages that can be reaped from them and are availed currently by farmers globally. They are strong tractors that have a good enduring capacity along with being dependable and easy to use.

They also have an efficient operation because of their strong engine and numerous other features such as oil-immersed multi-disc brake systems. These tractors are also environmentally friendly which is great for our surroundings and farmers who are environmentally cautious.

The MF models you need to know about!

For our Zambian farmers, the tractors we currently have available are MF-375, MF-360, MF-260, MF-240, and MF-385 in both 2WD and 4WD.


The MF-375 is one of the greatest tractors in the market with its 75 horsepower that can be very useful for large farms due to its high HP. It has a torque at 1,400 rpm of 290 Nm and PTO Power at rpm of 69.5 HP. This tractor also has a large fuel tank of 108 liters which comes in handy when farmers want to work for longer hours without breaks. It can be found in 2WD and 4WD.


The MF-360 has a noteworthy presence because of its turbocharged diesel engine of 60 horsepower making it more productive. It has a torque at 1,350 rpm of 212 Nm and PTO Power at rpm of 48 HP. It has a fuel tank of 47.5 liters with a hydraulic tipping trolley and is largely employed in the haulage industry.


This economical tractor has a diesel engine of 60 horsepower with reduced smoke emission due to better fuel burning. It has a torque at 1,600 rpm of 212 Nm and PTO Power at rpm of 48 HP. This tractor provides high performance while also being fuel-efficient. This is an attractive quality tractor for every farmer in the country.


When thinking about an all-around tractor, the MF-240 comes to mind. It has a 50-horsepower engine with three in-line cylinders in the dual high-capacity fuel filter that provides power on both gasoline and diesel. It has maximum torque at 1,400 rpm of 172Nm and maximum PTO power at rpm of 44hp. It also has a fuel tank of 47.5 liters.


The MF-385 is a high-performance diesel low noise engine of 85 horsepower. It is built to be rugged with its torque at 1,400 rpm of 212 Nm and PTO power at a rated engine speed of 70 HP. This tractor decreases gaseous emissions and smoke levels. Moreover, it also has a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters and an effective brake system.

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All these tractors are made for comfort for their operator with deluxe seats and an oil cooler added for effective cooling. To check out the brand new tractors we have for sale and get further information on our products, visit our website at To make a purchase, contact our representatives and they will provide you with the details needed.