Massey Ferguson MF-385 4WD 85hp Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson 385 4WD
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,


Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, MF 385 4×4 tractor is officially produced by MF Pakistan in 4WD. There are two drivetrain choices for the MF-385: two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD), both of which produce 85 horsepower. The MF-385 is available in two power outputs: 50 hp and 85 hp, depending on the buyer’s wishes. When plowing, planting, or dragging, it has an 85 HP engine with a 4WD option that provides more control and traction. There is no better option for someone seeking a 4WD tractor than this heavy-duty equipment that can haul up to 20 tons. Farmers always choose a tractor with higher grip and control for soil that is deep, moist, and requires greater tractor control. As an alternative to trucks and other large machines, it is often used in the construction sector for hauling big goods. Customers almost commonly encourage looking for 385 4WD, Massey Ferguson Tractor for sale, in order to get the greatest potential consequences for their MF 385 4WD tractor reviews.

Price of MF 385 4WD Tractor

A Massey Ferguson tractor for sale in Zambia seems to be going for a very high price. Tractors Zambia, on the other hand, sells these incredible tractors at prices that are within reach of the average person’s budget. Used Massey Ferguson tractor for sale, i.e. MF-385 4WD is also available for farmers to buy from Tractors Zambia. Despite the fact that used tractors are expected to be more cost-effective for farmers, their performance is expected to be comparable to that of newer models. You can purchase your very own MF 385 4WD Tractor in Zambia from Tractors Zambia today.

Why Massey Ferguson tractors are popular in Zambia?

Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia are held in high esteem by farmers, and this esteem is universal. This is partly because Massey Ferguson tractors for sale are very high-quality and have had an abnormally long existence. Tractors Zambia sells Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia which are not only easy to use, but also provide excellent results in the field. There is no match for the power of the Massey Ferguson tractors for sale that is on the market now compared to the heavy machinery that they were built to handle. Each of the Massey Ferguson tractors for sale features a straightforward mechanical transmission, allowing customers to pick and choose what they want.

Massey Ferguson tractors at Tractors Zambia

Tractors Zambia is pleased to offer Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, one of the most well-known tractor brands in Zambia. Pakistan exports these tractors to Zambia.

Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia reacted to agricultural challenges by introducing an array of farm tractors that adapt to the rising demands of contemporary agriculture for greater degrees of automation that are both more efficient and more suited to the sector.  In a country like Zambia, where agriculture is the primary source of income, raising productivity and modernizing the sector is critical to the country’s development. Many Zambian farmers will be able to transition to a simpler approach that yields a larger crop thanks to the new Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Zambia. Tractors Zambia is the best place in Zambia to buy brand-new Massey Ferguson tractors at the lowest possible price.