Massive 290 4WD Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massive 290 4wd
Horse Power: 82hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New

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The most affordable investment ever

Massive Farm Tractors are the most popular brand of tractors among Zambian farmers. Massive Tractors in Zambia have become an eminent tractor brand, providing farmers of Zambia to work independently on all sorts of strenuous farming operations more quickly and flawlessly. These tractors can be easily purchased from Tractors Zambia, at quite budget-friendly rates, making them some of the safest and most productive investments for Zambian farmers. Investing in a Massive Tractor will allow you to make use of this workable tractor for generations because of its longevity. With this tractor:

  • You can optimize your farming activities.
  • Your efforts can be minimized.
  • The increase in crop ratios can be identified.
  • You can save plenty of time and money as subsequent costs required in conventional farming modes are no more needed such as farm cattle management and many more.

Persuasive customer service

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A high-caliber tractor – the Massive Tractor 290

The Massive Tractor 290 is identified as a high-caliber tractor, working tremendously for hours because of its enhanced durability and great fuel economy. Moreover, this tractor promises ceaseless power transfer as its simplest PTO system. Your multiple farming operations can be powered and easily catered to by our characteristic 4-wheel drive version of Massive Tractor 290.

  • Engine Specifications

The engine of this robust and maneuverable farm tractor is of liquid cooling type, Perkins diesel engine, and an 80 Hp of power source. Besides, the engine of a Massive Tractor 290 comprises a 101.0 mm cylindrical bore with 4 affiliated cylinders. Besides, this engine is integrated with a high-capacity fuel filter, an oil bath, or a dual dry element air cleaner.

  • Transmission

This diesel engine has a dual type of transmission. The manual type of transmission comprises 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. And a Multi-Power transmission type consisting of 12 forward gears whereas 4 gears, categorized into 3 speeds with 2 ranges plus added two-speed power shift.


The fuel tank capacity of the Massive Tractor 290 for sale is 80L, empowering the tractor to work tirelessly round the clock. The 2 batteries integrated within supply 12V of necessary voltage to power various finance operations.

The Massive Tractor 290 is one of the most demanded tractors, affiliated with modern advancements in technology to cater to numerous agricultural, industrial, and commercial operations. Its great metallic structure, robust engine, and tremendous horsepower range, make the Massive Tractor 290 a dynamic farm tractor to buy.

So grab it soon before your competitors, exclusively from Tractors Zambia!