Massive 290 Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massive 290
Horse Power: 82hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Are you looking for a reliable compact farm tractor that you can trust to provide remarkable agricultural performance? Massive Farm Tractors are among the top farm tractor brands available at Tractors Zambia for their outstanding agricultural performance.


Aware of the needs

Massive Tractors are innovatively built tractors that can outperform any farming function quickly and precisely. These tractors are engineered with variable sturdy materials, contributing to their great resilience and smooth agricultural performance. These tractors are introduced to the Zambian farmers to cater to their rising farming needs which were causing huge troubles in harvesting significant crops in the country. A Massive Tractor for sale in Zambia is by far the most affordable farming solution known to Zambian farmers. This tractor effortlessly performs agricultural tasks without exerting too much stress on its farm owners.


Environment-friendly tractors

In the world of today, where rising global warming is inviting huge climate catastrophes, we need automobiles and gadgets which are environment-friendly and do not exacerbate the cause of global warming. Rather than emitting harmful emissions, these automobiles should use other sources of fuel to combat the climatic damage done by us all. A Massive Tractor has been qualified to be termed as an environmentally-friendly tractor, emitting lesser or negligible harmful fumes without affecting its smoother on-field performance.


Massive Tractor 290

Zambian farmers are in need of farm tractors that can escalate the production of primary crops in Zambia. These farmers are under the stressful burden of increasing the quality of the crops without affecting their quality. A Massive Tractor 290 is one of the robust, rugged, and maneuverable farm tractors that can very well perform a multitude of farming operations without affecting the quality of growing crops because of its spectacular features listed below;


  • Engine Specifications

The engine of the Massive Tractor 290 is of Perkins diesel engine, radiating 80 Hp of power while smartly allowing the tractor to perform heavy-duty haulage as well as other farming operations. The engine comprises 4 cylinders, which are aspirated liquid-cooled in nature. Besides, a high-capacity fuel filter can also be seen integrated within the engine system. The operating weight of the Massive Tractor 290 2WD is 2694 Kg.


  • Transmission and fuel

The multipurpose Massive Tractor 290 features a 2-wheel drive option, provided with a hydraulic pump flow of capacity 41.6 L. The sliding spur type of transmission features 8 forward and 2 reverse gears to easily swift between speed changes. Besides, the tank required for fuel accommodation is 80 L, allowing this farm tractor to operate for greater working hours. A hydrostatic power steering is featured within the tractor too.


Massive Tractor 290 is one of the most outstandingly performing tractors available at Tractors Zambia. You can never regret buying this tractor as it is affordable and has been seen to do wonders in the agricultural fields.


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