New Holland 480S Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: New Holland 480S
Horse Power: 55hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange



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New Holland is here to aid in your farm work

New Holland is one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers that has a deep history of over 100 years. This manufacturer has repeatedly introduced products to increase the ease and productivity of farmers globally. New Holland is consistent with its innovations and the most recent is a line of efficient tractors that run on hydrogen and methane.


If you want a dependable tractor, New Holland is the choice for you

New Holland tractors are always breaking the boundaries with their power potential and variety of uses. New Holland also offers a wide range of models with differing horsepowers to work on all kinds of land. This brand also prioritizes comfort so the tractors have enclosed cabs, Comfort Ride™ cabs for smoother suspension, sloped hoods, and curved rear fenders.

The popularity of the New Holland tractors is undying due to their flexibility and endurance. The New Holland tractors we have are NH 480S, NH 640, NH 70-56, NH Dabung, and NH Ghazi.


The NH 480S works to impress while being fuel-efficient

The NH 480S has a 4-Stroke, direct injection diesel engine with 55 horsepower. This tractor has an operating weight of 1710 kilograms and high PTO power to add to its fame. With its Category-1 three-point hitch and 540 rpm electro-hydraulic rear PTO, the operator can fulfill the task on hand quickly with fewer resources. The maximum torque at 1,500 rpm is 22.7 kgm and is the best for tougher lands with hard soils.

It has 3 cylinders, a dual plate clutch with separate controls, and a 12-volt starting system. Moreover, it has a fuel tank capacity of 54 liters, engine oil of 8 liters, and hydraulic transmission of 18 liters. This tractor is also equipped with a gearbox with constant-mesh gears. The hydrostatic power of this New Holland tractor enables quality steering which results in a smooth driving experience.

The 480S also has relatively less fuel consumption which makes this tractor economical for many farmers. Due to this tractor’s many features, it performs multiple farming activities making it a great asset. To add to the comfort of the driver this tractor has a spring suspension deluxe seat. This tractor is also easy to use and handle. Not only that the maintenance is uncomplicated to carry out.

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