Tractors and Farm Implements for Sale in Zambia

Unleash Farm Mechanization in Zambia

How to Unleash Farm Mechanization in Zambia

Mechanization of agriculture in Zambia is now considered an important part of the country’s plan for progress. It is a powerful tool, but it has the potential to inflict harm if not handled with caution. Where Zambian farmers’ access to labor rather than land is the limiting factor, mechanization may play a crucial part in […]

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Farm Mechanization in Zambia

How to do Farm Mechanization in Zambia?

In recent years, the mechanization of agriculture in Zambia has risen to the forefront of the country’s development agenda. It is a potent tool, but it can be cut both ways, so be wary of how you use it. In areas where farmers’ access to labor rather than land is limiting their production, mechanization such […]

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Smallholder Farmers of Zambia

Restricted access to Credit by Smallholder Farmers of Zambia

Restricted access to Credit Just like many other developing nations, Zambia struggles with prohibitively expensive loan rates. In the long run, the high-interest rates have a detrimental impact on access to agricultural financing, since fewer borrowers take out smaller loans, notably from the formal banking sector. Agrarian financing in Zambia is a fundamentally broken market. […]

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Agricultural Sector of Zambia

Limited Government Support Affects the Agricultural Sector of Zambia

Zambian government’s approach toward agriculture To combat rural poverty, Zambia’s government has been encouraging agricultural investments in vast swathes of land. The government’s flawed regulation of commercial agriculture and its inadequate protection of the rights of vulnerable people, however, are doing more harm than good when it comes to helping people escape poverty. Families who […]

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Rainfed Agriculture in Zambia

How to Cope Up With the Challenge of Rain-Fed Agriculture in Zambia

Rain-fed agriculture in Zambia Multiple factors, including a shortage of agricultural machinery and the country’s reliance on rain-fed agriculture, contribute to Zambia’s notoriously low agricultural performance. Private tractor dealers in Zambia, like Tractors Zambia, provide import and distribution channels in high-demand mechanization regions. This is because the availability of specific types of agricultural machinery in […]

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Limited Mechanization in Zambia

Limited Mechanization of Agricultural Sector of Zambia

Why agriculture mechanization is important? Mechanization is a vital but often overlooked contribution in the context of Zambia’s agricultural sector. A lack of agricultural machinery has long been recognized as a major contributor to poverty since it hinders farmers’ capacity to produce enough land. By bolstering agriculture’s access to mechanization, Tractors Zambia can increase the […]

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New Holland 70-56 Tractors in Zambia

New Holland 70-56 4WD Tractors in Zambia

New Holland’s 70-56 4WD is a tough and distinctive vehicle. It has a high-performance engine with a flywheel of 85 horsepower. The operational weight of the newest Holland 70-56 is also regarded as distinctive since it features a three-point link hydraulic lifter and a square fender with a flat top. Even though it has the […]

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New Holland 640 Tractors in Zambia

New Holland 640 Tractors in Zambia

New Holland 640 Tractors for sale in Zambia are part of the New Holland line and represent the finest value for money when it comes to power, quality, and dependability. This retro-styled tractor comes highly recommended for the wide range of functions it can do. Power steering and a good deal of ground clearance make […]

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Combine Harvesters in Zambia

Use of Combine Harvesters in Zambia

Modern agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, can quickly and effectively harvest a wide variety of grain crops. As a result, harvesting activities may be completed by a single piece of equipment that works in tandem with other harvesting units. In order to harvest large amounts of grain effectively, this complicated yet necessary machine is […]

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