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A boom sprayer is a tractor attachment that serves many useful farming purposes and therefore has been vigorously used in broadscale farming. Previously, Zambian farmers had difficulties spraying large areas of land manually and this farm practice would consume weeks, besides the productivity ratio wasn’t up to the mark either. But now, with a boom sprayer available at Tractors Zambia, the application of herbicide, fertilizer, and pesticide has been made less hectic, less time-consuming, and more productive. Due to the presence of a huge storage tank, large quantities of fluid can be stored within which can be used for spraying the larger area of Zambian fields.


Prominent Specifications

  • Multipurpose and easy to operate.
  • Economical and reasonably effective.
  • Can maintain plant growth through fertilizer spraying.
  • Can prevent crops from hazardous insects attaching via spraying insecticide and herbicide.
  • PTO driven.
  • To make the storage tank chemically resistant, virgin polyethylene is lined on the interior.
  • Besides, the algae development is prevented since the tank color is solid from the inside.


Technical Specifications

  • Average tank capacities are 500 L, 600 L, 800 L, and 1000 L.
  • All 50 Hp tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • Teejet/ Conical is the usual type of nozzle.
  • The maximum length is measured to be 10 M. is your next-door reliable tractor dealer, providing permanent yet long-time farming solutions to the growing needs of Zambia farmers. Operating for many years, we have been the best farming service provider within the African region. You can find the best quality farm implements in Zambia including boom sprayers exclusively at Tractors Zambia. So order away by contacting us on our Whatsapp number or email address. We’re here at your service always.