Kubota DC-93G Combine Harvester in Zambia

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Body Weight: 3,875



Tractors Zambia is an agricultural equipment company based in Zambia that sells combine harvesters in the region. Plenty of multi-functional combine harvesters built with flawless material are available for sale. It is very hard to find a perfect combine harvester for the harvesting of crops. Especially the farmers of Zambia had to struggle a lot to find the one required by them as there were not too many firms selling combines. Well, this problem of Zambian farmers is sorted by the Tractors Zambia enterprise which sells Kubota combine harvesters in Zambia.

Farmers need to harvest their crops as soon as possible in order to sow the seeds for the next one. This requires quick harvesting of the previously cultivated crops and getting the maximum output from them. For this matter, Tractors Zambia has introduced an amazing combine harvester model available for sale, which is the KUBOTA DC-93G in Zambia.


KUBOTA DC-93G specifications

Tractors Zambia offers to the farmers of Zambia, the DC-93G combine harvester, which is known to be a true work of art. DC-93G provides an enormous 93hp has a highly over-powered diesel engine and is very roaring in the fields.

The effectiveness of this combine harvester can be gauged by its cutting width which happens to be nearly 40ft wide. The speed of this combine is another important factor to take note of as it can easily cover the area with a speed of 2.1 meters per second. Furthermore, this combine has an extended cylindrical diameter with a power steering lever for assisting the operator to maneuver easily at a slower speed.

The DC-93G’s grain tank is also humongous in size as it can comfortably hold up to 1800 liters of grain in it without emptying the grain tank. The fuel tank of any combine needs to have enough capacity to allow it to work for a long time and the DC-93G’S fuel tank is able enough to store 120 liters of fuel which is more than enough.


Essential uses of KUBOTA DC-93G combine harvesters.

KUBOTA DC-93G combine harvesters have been largely employed by the farmers of Zambia in their farming lands. Obviously, as the name speaks for itself this combine is used for the harvesting of crops mainly cash crops including rice, wheat, barley, etc. The KUBOTA DC-93G combine’s parts are installed and aligned in such a manner that this harvester can perform all the harvesting functions in a single operation making its use of it very handy.


The KUBOTA DC-93G is a one-time investment

Harvesters these days usually cost a fortune and are costly enough to empty the farmer’s savings. Fortunately for the farmers of Zambia, Tractors Zambia is a company working in Zambia that has combine harvesters sold at very competitive prices. We have very low-priced and cheap combine harvester models available for sale. Similarly, KUBOTA DC-93G available at Tractors Zambia is a combine harvester sold at a price range that may feel unbelievable to many. Its price is highly reasonable and we bet you wouldn’t see any better combine harvester in the market as compared to this beast at such an affordable price.

Find out more about Kubota combine harvester models sold in Zambia at Tractors Zambia and buy your favorites right away.