Honda CB-150F Motorbike

Brand: Honda
Model: CB 150F
Engine Type: 4 Stroke 2 Valve OHC Single 150 cc Engine
Starting Method: Self / Kick Start
Displacement: 149.2 cm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13 Liters
No. of Gears: 5 Speed Constant Mesh
Dry Weight: 124 kg
Tyre Size (Front): 80/100 – 18 (47P)
Tyre Size (Rear): 90/90 – 18 (51P)

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One of the best Honda bikes and the most reliable is Honda CB-150F. The air-cooled, 4-stroke engine on the Honda CB 150F has SOHC and an inherent turbocharger. The Turbo engine is capable of producing a maximum of 15.14 horsepower and a maximum of 12.84 Nm of torque. In tandem with a constant mesh gearbox, it can reach speeds of up to five miles per hour. The new motorcycle’s cutting-edge engine is powered by ASV & AC Technology. The Honda CB 150F’s gas tank is 13.0 liters in volume and looks great while doing it. The front suspension is a Telescopic 107mm type, while the rear is a Swing-arm 91mm type. The strong shocks of the Honda CB 150F contribute to the bike’s pleasant and controlled ride. Silver, red, and green versions of the Honda CB 150F models are available in Zambia.


The highest speed of the Honda CB 150F

The highest speed of the Honda CB 150F is 140 mph. In addition, this is a top-tier motorcycle since it provides a smooth ride even at high speeds. When compared to the Honda 125, this is a significant improvement in power.


What is its mileage per liter?

When you acquire a new bike, the very first thing you should do is check the bike’s mileage, since this is an extremely vital step. Consequently, for everybody who is interested, the mileage range of this bike is between 38 and 40 kilometers.


What is the Horsepower of the Honda CB 150F?

The 17.57 horsepower that this bike has is something that a lot of individuals who are in the market for a new bike are taking into consideration. In addition, the most amount of torque that this bike is capable of producing is 12.66 Nm.


Honda Bikes are the choice of millions in Zambia

All Honda bikes are among the best-manufactured motorcycles. All Honda bikes are renowned for their cutting-edge design and superior performance. Black, red, and blue is among the hues you may choose from. Honda bikes are popular in Zambia as the best Honda Bikes have 4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled engines and it is paired with a 4-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission. It can hold 9.7 liters of gas in its tank. A Honda Bike, on the other hand, is still a long-distance rider’s choice since it is one of the most comfortable cruiser Bikes available 40 years after its introduction.


Honda Bikes are considered to be a reliable choice

The reliability of Honda bikes engines’ quality and power has never been in question. When it comes to chain motorcycles, Honda is at the top of the class because of its speed and attractive design. The frame is very durable, and the fact that Honda is the bike of choice in Zambia has helped to propel it to the top of the global market. When it comes to the quality of its goods, Honda bikes have never let anybody down.


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