Honda Pridor Motorbike

Brand: Honda
Model: Pridor
Engine Type: 4 Stroke OHV 100 cc Engine
Starting Method: Kick Start
Displacement: 97.1 cm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.7 Liters
No. of Gears: 4 Speed Constant Mesh
Dry Weight: 96 kg
Tyre Size (Front): 2.75 – 18 (4PR)
Tyre Size (Rear): 2.75 – 18 (4PR)

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Features of Honda Pridor

One of the popular Honda bikes in Zambia, the Honda Pridor, is a premium Honda bike and as such, it is more costly than some other options. While the Honda CD 125 and CD 70 remain wildly popular, the Honda Pridor is rapidly carving out a dominant market share. The bike is well-made, so it will last, and it also has superb suspension, a sleek design, and comfy seating. The 100 cc Honda Pridor is powered by a 4-stroke overhead cam (OHC) air-cooled engine with the diameter and stroke dimensions of 50 x 49.5 mm. This Honda bike features a constant mesh 4-speed gearbox and a 9.7-liter fuel tank (with a 1.5-liter reserve). The Pridor has an overall length of 1226 mm, a width of 718 mm, and a height of 1067 mm. The Honda Pridor has a 156 mm ground clearance and a 798 mm seat height, making it more manageable for shorter drivers. The front and back tires are each 2.75 inches wide by 18 inches in diameter. There is a telescopic fork measuring 94 mm at the front and a swing arm measuring 84 mm at the back.


Appearance and Design

In this popular Honda bike, a new headlamp, which replaces the previous spherical design with a contemporary sporty one, is a great addition to this Honda bike’s overall appeal and pairs well with the reworked front console. The lens of the headlight is also made of crystal glass, which gave this Honda bike a more menacing appearance by replacing the magnet covers with black ones. This style also reflected the introduction of new design winkers and rear lights integrated into an aerodynamically optimized bonnet. To those seeking a novel but the refined mode of transportation, this bike is an excellent option. The Pridor from Honda is a roller-chained kick-start bike. In addition to being a breeze to ride, this bike also provides a high level of convenience. A stunning speedometer composed of two circular dials was installed on the Pridor. Black, red, and blue paint jobs are available for this motorbike.


Comfortable ride and fuel Average

Honda Pridor is one of the best Honda bikes which have both the indicators and the fairing have been updated to better represent the new carburetor, rapid start system with steady acceleration, and ignition start mode. One can fill up the 9.7-liter fuel tank once and drive for hours without stopping for gas again. If you are looking for an easy-to-ride Honda bike, go no further than the Pridor. The seat on this Honda bike is really accommodating. It is simple to drive and does not shake excessively at high speeds, making it ideal for congested urban environments. Powerful horsepower and torque from the engine provide effortless driving on any surface.

The Honda Pridor is a popular choice since it is stylish, inexpensive, and gets good mileage for a motorcycle. Therefore, the Honda Pridor has a respectable fuel economy, allowing its driver to go 54 kilometers on a single liter of gas.


Performance and durability

Overall, Honda Pridor has been well-received by consumers, who have given it mostly positive reviews. Users seem to agree that it is a high-quality, effective Honda bike. The Honda Pridor’s impressive fuel mileage and plush interior make it worth its steep price tag.

This Honda bike is built to last and will fetch a nice price when you decide to resell it. The Honda Pridor is a reliable and comfortable vehicle. As a result of these factors, the price of a Honda Pridor is rather high but we assure you that it is an investment worth making. So get in touch with us now to claim your brand new bike.