New Holland 640 Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: New Holland 640
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red



Need machinery for your farm? We’ve got you covered

Tractors Zambia is here to satisfy the needs of our local farmers. We have agricultural machinery for every farming process and from our machinery, you can avail countless benefits. Being one of the leading tractor dealers in Zambia, we export quality tractors, combines, farm implements, accessories, and bikes.

Along with providing high-quality goods, we have earned our client’s trust by providing top-notch customer service. The tractors we offer come from prominent brands such as New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and Massive tractors. We have tractors that are brand new, used, or have been reconditioned.


The necessary tool for your success

Tractors have become essential for farmers nowadays. This is due to their ability to perform many harvesting functions with ease. An agricultural machine like a tractor can be used for tillage, plowing, spreading fertilizer, planting, harvesting, cultivating crops, etc.

Tractors create more efficiency making a better farming experience for farmers. The work is done faster with more accuracy and results in higher and finer yields. Tractors also produce better soil results and a reduction in costs. Additionally, the tractors we have are easy to use.


We have New Holland available for you!

New Holland has been working on the improvement of farmers’ efficiency for over 100 years. This globally leading brand is an agricultural machinery manufacturer with the best to supply its customers. New Holland is a manufacturer that always strives for innovation and sustainable development.

Because of the advantages its products give, we deliver New Holland tractors to our Zambian farmers. The tractors we have at hand include NH 640, NH 480S, NH 70-56, NH Dabung, and NH Ghazi. All these tractors are strong and built for endurance.


Want enhancement in your field? Get the NH 640

The NH 640 tractor is an all-purpose tractor with a strong diesel engine of 85 horsepower. The operating weight of this machine is 2,100 kgs alongside 4 cylinders and maximum torque at 1,600 rpm of 29.7 km. It has a 12 V Starting System, 400 Watt Alternator, and 110/120 Ah battery.

The capacity of the fuel tank of this tractor is 54 liters, while it has an engine oil capacity of 11.5 liters, and a hydraulic transmission rear axle of 18 liters. Moreover, this tractor has a hydrostatic power steering with an independent circuit. This power steering and the adjustable Fully upholstered driver’s seat with parallelogram suspension enable a smoother driving experience.

This New Holland is ideally suited for disc ploughing and laser land leveling but using it for hauling or trolley work is growing. For farmers who are environmentalists, this tractor becomes further attractive because it is an eco-friendly vehicle. Other notable features the NH 640 is equipped with involves oil-immersed disc brakes, a critical duty front support, and a rigid and robust straddle rear axle.

It has an easy operating interface which makes this tractor user-friendly and simple to maintain. In addition to that, this tractor has an enhanced hydraulic distribution structure. Overall, the NH 640 displays outstanding performance and has the strength to handle large farms but the delicacy to tackle smaller farms as well.

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