Used MF-3060 Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF-3060
Horse Power: 77hp
Transmission: Manual
Color : Red
Condition: Used

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Used Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 at Tractors Zambia

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Used Tractors for affordability but optimal performance

Zambian farmers are always hunting for affordable and durable agricultural machinery. With Tractors Zambia, farmers can stop their hunt and can find the most affordable, resilient, and skillful farm tractor, in our inventory. Providing these farmers with skillful yet budget-friendly farm tractors mitigates subsequent burdens and assists them in enhancing their agricultural productivity. Our wide range of farm tractors, including both compact and utility tractors, are best suitable for plenty of farming practices including mowing, tilling, reaping, harvesting, sowing, proliferation, and whatnot.


Our Used Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 is of impeccable quality

Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 is one of the most resilient tractors among the product range of Massey Ferguson Tractors. This tractor has been on the production line for decades because of its undisputed fame over the years owing to its farming services. When a Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 is subjected to adverse conditions, this farm tractor is always the winner.


  • Engine Specifications

The Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 is integrated with a Perkins A4.248 diesel engine, emitting a power source of 77 Hp, and a tubular type of liquid cooler. Despite being in used condition, the battery of the tractor emits 12V, to power the ignition system of the engine. With hydrostatic power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes, this tractor is a reliable source for the accomplishment of your farming operations.


  • Transmission system

The Massey Ferguson Tractor 3060 is integrated with two modes of transmission. A synchronized mode, comprising 16 forward gears and 16 reverse gears. And a SpeedShift type of transmission features 32 forward gears while an equal number of gears for reversing too. 2 to 4 valves can be found within its system whereas the hydraulic pump flow is measured to be 50.0 rpm.


  • Fuel and hydraulic capacities

The fuel tank when full can contain approximately 147.6 L of fuel. During its operations, the fuel consumption is pretty low, thus ensuring impressive fuel economy. The capacity of the hydraulic system is measured to be 60.2 L.


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