Used MF-390 Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF-390
Horse Power: 90hp
Transmission: Manual
Color : Red
Condition: Used

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Used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390 available at Tractors Zambia

Looking for a budget-friendly farm tractor that is equally potent and affordable? Well, then Tractors Zambia, brings to you the most affordable and superior quality farm tractor range that can flick away your farming problems.


Tractors are agricultural life-lines

Due to regular strenuous farming operations, Zambian farmers are exhausted and need a sigh of relief. They need a technology-integrated farming solution that is affordable and sustainable and can work durably. Such a farming solution is available at Tractors Zambia, in the form of used Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale. These tractors are efficient to the core with respect to farming practices. A used Massey Ferguson Tractor has the ability to simplify farming measures, by performing as an agricultural lifeline for the exhausted Zambian farmers.


Our used Massey Ferguson tractors are equally competent

Why pressurize yourself and spend extravagantly on a brand new piece of equipment when your budget demands buying a used tractor. Used tractors available at Tractors Zambia are of uncompromised quality, hence you don’t need to doubt their credibility in any way. Besides, the used Massey Ferguson tractors available at Tractors Zambia, are identified as the most bargained for farming resources satisfying several African farmers with their exemplary agricultural performance. Despite working for years, the efficiency of our used tractors for sale is terrific, putting you in doubt that whether these tractors are used or brand new.


Used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390

Massey Ferguson Tractor 390, is the most affordable farming solution that can be trusted for plenty of farming operations. This farm tractor, emitting 90 Hp of power, can perform heavy-duty farming operations like no other farm tractor. You do not need to exhaust plenty of effort while using a used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390 but this tractor is user-friendly and can be maneuvered easily.


  • Engine specifications

The engine of our used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390 is a Perkins diesel engine. This farm tractor is integrated with several compelling features including a ceta-metallic dual-clutch, oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, and hydrostatic power steering. All of these features contribute towards its easy handling as well as smoother execution of farming operations including tilling, towing, pushing, weighing, etc.


  • Transmission

The dynamic transmission of the used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390 is the reason behind its smooth agricultural performance. With a sliding spur type of transmission, comprising 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, the management of this tractor is made easier.


  • Other features

Other essential features of the used Massey Ferguson tractor 390 include eco-friendly engine systems, high traction control, greater stability, and an optimal fuel economy. Besides, this tractor has the ability to lift approximately 20 tons of weight, hence ideal for heavy-duty hauling operations. You will also encounter a remarkable pick-up hitch in our innovatively built used Massey Ferguson Tractors 390 exclusively available at Tractors Zambia.

Tip of the day

To yield maximum results from our used Massey Ferguson Tractors, all you have to do is to clean them more often and optimize carefully the oil replacement needs. Since our used tractors do not require much maintenance costs, an equally dynamic tractor like a used Massey Ferguson Tractor 390 is quite hard to find in the crowd of low-quality and expensive farm tractors. Therefore, order right away at Tractors Zambia, before we run out of our users, but resilient, and productive farm tractors.