Massey Ferguson MF-375 4WD 75hp Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson 375 4WD
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.41D
No. of cylinders: 4
Gear Box: 8 forward, 2 reverse
Brakes: Oil-immersed, multi-disc
Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,145 kg
Colour: Red


Hydraulic Position Control,
High P.T.O Power,
Spring Suspension Seat,


MF- 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia are certainly among the finest in their class. This tractor is equipped with standard four-wheel drive as standard equipment. In addition to being versatile and competent, the 75-horsepower Massey Ferguson 375 4WD tractor is a very effective piece of agricultural machinery. The engine continues to perform effectively even after being put through its paces since it is so long-lasting and sturdy. Because of its design, it can lift and load up to 2,145 kg. Farmers in Zambia must be able to lift and carry heavy loads often in order to transport and load their products. The hydraulically activated disc braking system of the 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor in Zambia is among the best in the business. This allows the tractor to provide exceptional safety for its operators. The Massey Ferguson 375 4WD farm tractor has hydraulic power steering, which minimizes the maximum amount of driver fatigue. Workers in the agricultural sector in Zambia may accomplish their duties in a comfortable and productive environment.

The MF-375 4WD is the appropriate solution for Zambia’s farms

Low-fertility soils result in poor crop yields and quality, thus it is critical to cultivate the crop as efficiently as possible in order to combat these problems. It is a great idea to use 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractors on Zambia’s farms. This machine, with its strong engine and incredible pulling force, allows farmers to use the land to its full capacity, enhancing soil fertility and crop production.

The Significance of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery in Zambia

Zambia’s current agricultural practices have been significantly altered with the advent of new agricultural machinery and farm implements for sale. In addition to making farming simpler, technology has also allowed farmers to produce significantly more food than they could before. In recent decades, Zambia’s traditional farming practices have been substantially replaced by modern agricultural machinery of the greatest quality. Farmers in Zambia increasingly find it impossible to run their operations without the help of a wide range of agricultural machinery and other farm implements for sale.

Massey Ferguson tractors are the ideal farming companion in Zambia

Agricultural operations including plowing, planting, and harvesting are highly valued by Zambian farmers, who have expressed a great deal of interest in Massey Ferguson Tractor Models. A study of Massey Ferguson Tractor Dealers in Zambia found that the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor type is now the most sought. Tractors made by Massey Ferguson, a well-known and coveted brand in the industry, are greatly revered by Zambian farmers. Massey Ferguson tractors are now available for purchase.

Services Provided by Tractors Zambia

Tractors Zambia has been an important part of the agricultural machinery market in Zambia for a long time. This company is widely regarded as a leading tractor dealer in Zambia for the quality, automation, and cutting-edge technology it provides in agricultural products. Providing Pakistani-made items of the finest quality is our goal for the Zambian agriculture industry. A suitable Massey Ferguson tractor may be found in Zambia to suit your demands and aims. Our used Massey Ferguson tractors for sale are also very effective machines. A farmer’s demands are met in every possible manner by these products, which are fairly priced.

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