Mechanization of Agriculture in zambia

Mechanization of Agriculture Sector of Zambia

Over the preceding decade, agricultural machinery in Zambia has grown by an average of over three percent, making it a leader in mechanization in the developing world. Agriculture’s output rose by 8.5% on average during the same time period. No matter how much ox-drawn tool use remains among smallholder farmers in Zambia, the country is being classified as a fast mechanizing country, as seen by its relatively high score under #3.1. Small farm holders in Zambia may not be able to afford agricultural machinery, but that does not mean they cannot benefit from automation in that industry. It is probable that you will need help with a range of things, such as doing market research, choosing the right agricultural machinery and farm implements for sale, and learning how to use and maintain them. Additionally, service providers must have access to other parties, such as financiers, mechanics, and distributors of replacement components.

Institutional Commitments

To encourage private sector participation in all parts of agriculture, Zambia’s agricultural policy was liberalized in the early 1990s. This included input supply, processing, marketing, and extension service provision, which had previously been completely governed by the government. Agriculture reforms in the early 2000s were also undertaken by the government, which resulted in increased investment and a surge in export commodities including cotton and horticultural products. FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) joined together in 2011 to create a tractor mechanization fund via the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU). A revolving fund idea was used to help small and medium-sized farmers get access to agricultural machinery. Tractors and agricultural machinery such as farm implements in Zambia which include rippers, ripper-planters, maize shellers, trailers, and boom sprayers, were on the table for purchase in Zambia. Opportunities for mechanization and commercial farming; higher agricultural output and productivity; and extra money from renting out equipment are some of the advantages.

Role of Tractors Zambia

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Why do farmers prefer Tractors Zambia?

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