New Holland 70-56 Tractors in Zambia

New Holland 70-56 4WD Tractors in Zambia

New Holland’s 70-56 4WD is a tough and distinctive vehicle. It has a high-performance engine with a flywheel of 85 horsepower. The operational weight of the newest Holland 70-56 is also regarded as distinctive since it features a three-point link hydraulic lifter and a square fender with a flat top. Even though it has the same HP as the NH640, it is more powerful because of the addition of an all-wheel drive. Because of the improved traction provided by this machine, it is also more efficient. Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD is a model that competes with this one in the market. The hydrostatic power steering of the New Holland 70-56 4wd provides comfort for the driver. 104*115mm piston bore and stroke = 3908 ccs for the four-piston cylinders. It can generate a maximum torque of 27 kilobits per inch. An eight-gear transmission and a 305mm*254mm dual-clutch plate are standard features. Lift-o-Matic, the most up-to-date hydraulic technology, powers this machine’s efficient and automated hydraulic system. 70-56 4WD New Holland Tractor for sale has a lifting capability of 2200 kg flow rate of the hydraulic pump: 34.5 kg/cm2.

Benefits of using New Holland 70-56 4WD

For farmers, 70-56 4WD New Holland tractor for sale is ideally suited for cultivating and tillage. Everything from a disc plough and potato planter to a rotavator and ridger may be operated by this tractor. It also has the ability to handle a water pump and other heavy-duty agricultural equipment. The 70-56 New Holland tractor for sale may also be used for commercial and construction purposes. It works well with a power take-off system. On the road, this tractor is excellent at hauling and pulling a trolley. If you are looking for a high-performance tractor, this is the one.

New Holland 70-56 4WD Price

The NH 70-56 is available from Tractors Zambia at a reasonable price in our current stock, and you can get it from us for as little as $7000.

Why do farmers prefer to buy agricultural machinery from Tractors Zambia?

Tractors Zambia is one of the most popular tractor dealers in Zambia. This firm in Zambia sells a broad range of agricultural machinery. New Holland tractors for sale, imported from Pakistan, are available for purchase through Tractors Zambia. In addition to helping farmers produce and enhance their agricultural yields, Tractors Zambia has also assisted some farmers in caring for their livestock. Thus, they are able to develop their businesses more readily. Since these farmers have been able to purchase New Holland tractors in Zambia, Tractors Zambia has helped them achieve their ambitions. For any questions, you may have about New Holland tractors in Zambia, engines, spare parts, equipment, and implements, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our sales staff.

The popularity of New Holland Tractors in Zambia

Farmers in Zambia depend on New Holland Tractors for sale to get the work done quickly and comfortably. New Holland tractors in Zambia are a good investment if you want to complete your task quickly and efficiently. In Zambia, New Holland tractors for sale are among the most often used. As a tribute to New Holland tractors for sale commitment to providing high-quality products and services, its new tractors for sale in Zambia have a remarkable reputation for both lifetime and productivity. Compared to their competition, New Holland’s most popular tractor models in Zambia are noticeably quieter. These devices now have the most affordable prices. The price of a tractor is high, but this one has all the features a farmer could want. Using hydrostatic power steering, this vehicle’s steering is the most accurate and rapid on the road today.

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