Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Zambia

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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One of the most accepted and trustworthy types of agricultural machinery in Zambia is a Kubota combine harvester. Due to the use of automated machines for rice harvesting and transplanting operations, rice farmers’ jobs have been simplified. This resulted in lower labor costs and a higher yield of the crops.

Combine harvesters are known as the embodiment of modern technology. They can perform all the functions in a single operation and do everything a farmer needs for the harvesting of crops. We offer the farmers of Zambia the best combine harvesters in the market. Our company has been in service for over more than half a century and has been the foundation of trust ever since.


What specs can you expect in a Kubota DC-105X Cabin?

It is widely accepted that the DC 105X Cabin is an ideal harvester machine for farmers because of its reliability and ability to provide high-quality products. When harvesting rice on Zambia’s lands, this powerful diesel engine allows for 100% regeneration of the harvested crop whilst minimizing loss rates to 3% or below.

The harvesting width of the DC-105X Cabin has been increased from 2.53 meters to 2.76 meters, which has resulted in a 10% betterment in the cabin’s harvesting ability. It is more efficient and consumes less time. Threshing drums were enlarged from 1790 millimeters to 2210 millimeters to gather more grain per unit of time.


The various benefits of the KUBOTA DC-105X Cabin

The DC-105X Combine harvester benefits include the ability of it to reap, thresh and winnow. It also gives more accuracy and covers more ground. It is designed to clean and cut grains so that proper harvesting of crops can be done, including non-grain crops such as soybeans, rice, wheat, rye, etc. This machine lets farmers have the top quality grains more easily and with decreased labor costs. Its larger grain tank storing capacity with enhanced ability to store fuel allows it to run for several hours. The DC-105X has the ability to reduce operational time, hence this machine is wonderful to have in your inventory.


Cost of acquisition of the KUBOTA DC-105X cabin

Tractors Zambia offers the KUBOTA DC-105X Cabin combine harvester for sale at a very affordable price. A combine harvester can be quite expensive but it is a beneficial investment for farmers as it reduces future expenses and guarantees higher profits. To provide our Zambian farmers with more comfort, we have combines for sale on our website. This is done to provide our customers with more accessibility and the opportunity to enhance their crop yields.


Our services, Your trust

As your tractor dealer in Zambia, we are the ultimate source of farm supplies. We are popular in the region for our highly professional products which are delivered as promised. Our products are our strength. Our dedicated sales team makes sure your entire experience is outstanding by providing you customized sales experience, and in doing so we believe to create an everlasting bond with our farmer customers.