Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester in Zambia

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Body Weight: 4,630
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Get the Kubota DC-105X combine harvester now at Tractors Zambia

Combine Harvesters have been used by farmers extensively and are quite innovative and multipurpose types of machinery. Combine harvesters are used for harvesting various grain crops in an efficient manner. This machine is known to perform all harvesting operations simultaneously, including reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing.

Mass amounts of grain can be harvested more efficiently using this complicated but necessary piece of equipment. It is a self-propelled machine and does not require a tractor to operate in comparison to other machines. Tractors Zambia sells Combine harvesters manufactured by Kubota Brand in Zambia, hence providing the necessary hand in the modernization of Zambia’s agriculture sector.


Choosing the best Combine harvester for your land

Choosing the most appropriate combine harvester is key to achieving maximum results in a safe and most productive manner. Kubota’s Combines offer improved traction and come with the best fuel economy in the market. Enhanced drive response is also one of its many features.

As new Combines can be fairly expensive, farmers can get their hands on used Combines to minimize their costs. All Combines come with specific features that are useful determinants of their value whether used or brand new. Buyers can get in touch with us at Tractors Zambia to discuss the Combines’ specifications and usage or regarding repairs and replacement of parts. Tractors Zambia has all the brilliant performing Brand new Kubota combine harvesters for sale in Zambia. The farmers of Zambia do not need to look further for their agricultural equipment.


Features of the DC-105X combine harvester

The DC-105X combine harvester has enormous uses in the harvesting field. It has a very powerful engine of 105hp and can work its way through whatever obstacle is offered on its way. DC-105X has a fuel tank embedded in it with a fuel capacity of 105 liters. It can store grain up to 2350 kilograms in its grain tank having this grain storage capacity. One of the prominent features of the DC-105X combine harvester is that it performs harvesting at a very quick rate. It can perform harvesting at a rate of 5.75 to 10 acres per day, which ultimately increases the profitability of crops. The DC-105X combine harvester is a very durable combine harvester and has a very long-term duration of use. DC-105X is an excellent machine to have in your inventory and you wouldn’t find much better options than this one in the market.


Price of DC-105X combine harvester

In the modern inflation-stricken times, the lives of farmers have become a lot more difficult. Farmers throughout the world have been greatly affected and are living hand-to-mouth. Hence, modernization of the farming sector could be the only way to save it from disaster. But with everything’s price reaching the sky high grade agriculture machinery has also become quite difficult to afford. Tractors Zambia is well aware of the economical conditions of the farmers of Zambia. So we provide Combine harvesters such as the DC-105X at very reasonable prices to the farmers of Zambia.


Advantages of buying the DC-105X combine harvester

Combine harvesters like the Kubota DC 105X are known as some of the greatest alternatives out there. Because of its great productivity and low fuel consumption, this machine distinguishes itself from its competitors. The DC 105X Combine Harvester’s robust engine is the cause of its effective functioning and hauling operations, especially in rainy and muddy terrains. The DC-105X has substantial fuel capacity and grain storage capacity, hence it can work for a longer time in the field.

The DC-105X has been known widely for its advantages and any type of farmer can have this marvel in their inventory. To buy this wonderful work of art, contact Tractors Zambia now.