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Crop reaping is a hectic and time-consuming task. Zambian farmers tend to seek out quicker ways of crop reaping which are why lawn mowers available at Tractors Zambia are becoming increasingly common. Every Zambian farmer should have a lawn mower as part of their agricultural inventory, as it is affordable and can make cutting and mowing simpler than ever. Farmers having huge-sized farms and lawns have a significant number of lawn mowers as lawn and farm management with the help of a lawn mower is easier and quicker.


Prominent Specifications

  • Long grasses and stems can be easily mowed.
  • Economical and useful for farmers of Zambia.
  • Vegetational hay is removed with ease.
  • The maintenance of sports fields and lawns can be managed easily by lawn mowers.
  • Easily attached tractor implement.
  • One of the most suitable farm implements for cutting and mowing.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification law.
  • Of genuine and export quality.


Technical Specifications

  • The total weight is 190 Kg.
  • The Total number of blades is 3.
  • All 50 Hp or above tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • The optimum width is 175 cm whereas the working width is 150 cm.
  • Centre mounting type of lawn mower available.


Farmers of Zambia need usable and productive farm machinery that can aid farmers in their strenuous agricultural operations. We at Tractors Zambia, deliver the world’s most acknowledgeable tractor implements to the doors of Zambian farmers. We have lawn mowers, landscape rakes, and a whole range of workable farm implements available exclusively at Tractors Zambia. Besides, getting agricultural machinery, our sales team at Tractors Zambia can provide you with comprehensive and brief knowledge regarding the usage and preference of farm implements for numerous agricultural functions. Therefore, get in touch with our sales team and get a satisfying answer to your longstanding farming queries.