Massive 260S Tractor in Zambia

Model / Type: Massive 260
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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Want to act smartly in the agricultural fields of Zambia, with little effort and great crop outturn? Here is how!


Wise investment

Tractors Zambia is an acknowledged tractor dealer in Zambia, operating for many years, serving a multitude of farming and industrial customers. Investing in their tractors will definitely benefit you in many aspects. Most importantly, you will save some good bucks and you will be handy with some tremendously operational farm tractors that will contribute to an enhanced farming culture. With the dynamic Massive Tractors at Tractors Zambia, you do not need to put in strenuous efforts, rather act smartly and invest in our core efficient farm tractors.


Why choose Massive Tractors?

Massive Tractors have been engineered keeping in mind the drastic situations of Zambian agriculture. Zambian farmers do not receive the right value for their crops which is why they have been under financial turmoil and are unable to earn a better livelihood. As a result of the financial crisis, farmers cannot invest in qualitative tractors, resulting in a lack of relief in several farming operations. To overcome these agricultural inconsistencies, Tractors Zambia has been committed to providing modern farm tractors, identified as Massive Tractors, that are affordable, durable, and can be of great usefulness for a farmer.


Massive Tractor 260

A number of farm tractors have been deployed for the execution of a number of cultivation operations. But only a few of them have succeeded in proving to be the most skillful and affordable tractors. Among the skillful range of tractors, Massive Farm Tractor 260 has taken the lead of exemplary tractors.


  • Engine specifications

The engine of this tractor is robust and powerful enough to cater to all agriculture-related operations. With a dynamic, diesel engine, a 50 hp power source, and a 12V battery, the Massive Tractor 260 is sure to win a spot in your farm inventory. The Massive Tractor for sale is provided with an oil cooler of air-coated type, throttle control, and an aspirational ratio is provided too. The fuel tank has the capacity to approximately accommodate 47.5 liters of fuel a once. Possessing a Perkins engine elevates the level of credibility of the working capacity of Massive Tractor 260 exponentially.


  • Transmission specifications

Buying a Massive Tractor 260 will be truly advantageous for your small to medium-sized farms. Serving all the basic speed needs, a Massive Tractor 260 comprises of sliding spur transmission type with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. While working with a Massive Tractor 260, you can always optimize its varying speed through its transmission gears.


  • Hydraulics

A number of hydraulic functions are an integral part of the Massive Tractor 260 for sale, including draft control, position control, constant pumping, and response control. Besides, you can also witness the presence of a reciprocating Ferguson pump working strenuously.


Enhanced credibility

The Massive Tractor 260 is a powerhouse of credibility, comprising plenty of compelling features, all contributing to the progressive development of the agriculture system. You can never regret buying a Massive Tractor 260 as it is economical, executes precise farming operations, durable for life, and most importantly, is compact and can be accommodated within the smallest available space.

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