Mould Board Plough

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One of the most productive and widely used farm implements includes the mould board plough which is also identified as a turn plough. A mould board plough can be used while attaching it with a compatible tractor and ploughs the ground to turn the soil upside down. In doing so, the available nutrients are mixed thoroughly reaching the roots of the farfetched plants and making the growing soil as fertile as ever. This farm implement is widely used by global farmers as it can save a lot of time and can rip the ground in a single run. Besides ploughing, a mould board plough is ideal for water drainage through the paddy soil.


Prominent Specifications

  • For ploughing to greater depths, the farm implement
  • It is provided with sharp steel blades that are made up of anti-corrosive material.
  • Even in the roughest soil, ploughing operations are carried out in full swing.
  • Replaceable cutting surfaces are provided.
  • This farm implement can clean the surface of the soil instantly.


Technical Specifications

  • The Total number of farrows may vary from 2 to 4.
  • All 50 Hp tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • The optimum weight recorded is 225 to 360 Kg.
  • I and II are the linkage category types.
  • Maximum working depth is measured to be 85 cm to 90 cm whereas maximum depth is 22 cm to 25 cm. is your reliable tractor dealer, proving durable and effective farming solutions to the unfortunate Zambian farmers. The agriculture and infrastructure of Zambia need amendments to reach a stable threshold. However, with our technology-driven farm implements for sale in Zambia, the agricultural issues can be suppressed and farming productivity can be escalated greatly. So, order away, from our wide farm inventory, incorporating every farming tool that can be of any use to Zambian farmers at affordable rates.