Potato Digger

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Potato diggers can be referred to as potato harvesters and their main function is to dig potatoes by lifting them. The other soil components lifted along the potatoes are sieved through a web series attached laterally. A potato digger can pick up the potatoes from the edges of furrows. A potato digger is a very valuable and convenient farm implement, consuming lesser fuel and harvesting potatoes of utmost quality without any injuries.


Prominent Specifications

  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification law.
  • Of genuine and export quality.
  • Economical, feasible, and durable.
  • Highly recommended and opted by Zambian farmers.
  • An attached hydraulic drive can be seen with this farm implement, improving harvesting tendencies.
  • For picking up potatoes, circular blades are present within, resulting in effective cutting.
  • Not only picks up injury-free potatoes but also sieves out excess soil dragged during lifting.


Technical Specifications

  • All 50 Hp or above tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • Working depth is 10 inches while working width is 40 inches.
  • The average line-to-line capacity is 28 inches to 300 inches.
  • The average spacing between seeds is measured to be 6 inches.
  • The average seed capacity is measured to be 240 to 600 Kg.


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