Sub Soiler

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Subsoilers are commonly known as flat lifters that are mounted to tractors of compatible horsepower. These farm implements in Zambia are used by Zambian farmers for a diverse range of functions including deep tillage, soil breaking at varying lengths, soil loosening, etc. This tractor attachment can reach those unhidden depths during tilling where credible tilling farm implements like mouldboard plough, disc harrows, or rototillers are unable to reach. The reason behind breaking up the compacted soil is to nurture the soil in a better way to improve the development of growing crops. You cannot find a more suitable and affordable tilling farm implement in Zambia than a subsoiler.


Prominent Specifications

  • Crop development is improved greatly in the most challenging soil.
  • For durability and long-term working potential, high-strength steel is used in the making.
  • Soil yields are improved significantly.
  • The soil remains hydrated and the water is stored for a longer period.
  • The dirty plough pan is seen to be brightened.
  • Soil cultivation expenses are seen to minimize to a greater extent.
  • The roots of the developing crops have more access to necessary nutrients and air.


Technical Specifications

  • All tractors of 75 Hp are easily compatible with this farm implement.
  • Working depth is measured to be 21” (53 cm).
  • A heavy-duty steel channel frame is integrated within.
  • The linkage category is ½.
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