Zero Tillage Planter

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A zero tillage planter is an essential and efficient tractor-mounted farm implement, requires no tilling for sowing in seeds rather a no-till no drill farming method is adopted. A zero tillage planter is widely used by farmers because it doesn’t contribute to soil erosion, more fertile and smooth soil, and less moisture is evaporated from within the soil. When a zero tillage planter is used for sowing seeds in the soil, early cropping can be achieved ad crops can be harvested at the earliest, to obtain greater yields. Since the moisture is retained, irrigational costs are minimized and other costs required for land preparation are no more needed too. Therefore, using a zero tillage planter has countless benefits to offer. So get yours in brand new condition exclusively from Tractors Zambia.


Prominent Specifications

  • Reduction in soil erosion is vigilant.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification law.
  • Of high export and genuine quality.
  • Tractor performance is greatly amplified.
  • Lesser compaction of the soil.
  • Economical and works for life.
  • During a water crisis, this farm implement can save up to 25% of water.
  • Lesser fuel expenses.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Soil quality is improved.
  • Can be doubled as a fertilizer spreader.
  • Multipurpose and conserves water.


Technical Specifications

  • The minimum length calculated is 7 feet 3 inches.
  • Row spacing is 10 inches but adjustable.
  • All tractors of 50 Hp are easily compatible with this farm implement.
  • The minimum weight calculated is 3 feet 3 inches.


Most Zambian farmers are unaware of the introduction of modern farm inventory. Since these farmers are unaware, they keep on working with the former conventional, time-consuming methods of farming, bringing in less revenue and low-quality reaping crops. With time, things need to change and so do patterns of farming. We, at Tractors Zambia, have taken an oath to reform agricultural patterns within the African region and in doing so, we bring the most affordable, high-yielding, and easy-to-operate agricultural machinery to the doorsteps of less fortunate farmers. The huge variety of agricultural implements for sale in Zambia has farming resources suiting every farmer’s needs. Besides, we also make our farmers aware of the necessary knowledge required for them to operate our mechanized agricultural machinery. We own zero tillage planters and other numerous sowing farm implements, with their help sowing seeds is more productive and less laborious.  To maximize the use of our farming resources, get in touch with us and we will provide you with comprehensive info and other details about ordering and maintenance of our top-class farm implements.