DC-93 Combine Harvesters in Zambia

DC-93 Combine Harvesters in Zambia

DC-93 Kubota combine harvester, has a 93-horsepower engine and a maximum speed of 2.1 m/s, allowing it to move quickly from one paddy field to the next, enhancing productivity. A broader reaping width (2.18 m) minimizes the number of rounds necessary and the damage to paddy fields while boosting the pace of operation and improving the working rate by around 20 percent compared to the previous DC-70 Plus version. As a result of its large footprint and reduced pressure from ground contact, the DC-93 machine is ideal for rough terrain. It is also possible to harvest in muddy fields thanks to high-lug crawlers, which prevent slippage and sinking even on poorly-drained rice fields. When farmers begin to prepare for harvesting, weather and field conditions are the two most important considerations. As a result, selecting a harvester machine that can adapt to any field condition is a must. To address these issues, Kubota designed the DC-93 Combine Harvester. Even in paddy fields with a depth of 400 mm or more and poor drainage, the DC-93 is able to harvest fallen rice with ease.

Benefits of using DC-93

Kubota Combine harvesters like the DC-93 have a wider reaping width of up to 2.18 meters, which reduces the required spins while simultaneously increasing speed and increasing productivity by 20%. One of the most prominent features of the DC-93 Kubota combine harvester in Zambia is its ability to provide great mudflow. Because of this, the combine is able to maintain its upright position even in paddy fields with poor drainage. Rice panicles that have fallen to the ground may also be harvested with this kind of Kubota. Compacted soil will not be a problem because of these forces, which operate in tandem to keep the combine firmly in place on the ground. Kubota DC-93 harvester, Zambia’s sole harvester of its type, is versatile, results-oriented, and adaptive to shifting soil and weather conditions. Farmers in Zambia can now harvest wheat, maize, rice and a range of other crops efficiently and timely.

Price of DC-93

The Kubota combine harvester is regarded as a long-term investment because of its usefulness in the field. Tractors Zambia’s prices on combine harvesters, such as the Kubota DC-93, are often lower than those of our rivals.

DC-93 at Tractors Zambia

We, at Tractors Zambia, sell new and used Kubota combine harvesters with horsepower ratings varying between 60 and 105. Tractors, rice transplanters, and combine harvesters are just some of the agricultural machinery that Kubota is renowned for creating. For example, the Kubota Combine Harvester is able to harvest a broad range of crops, including but not limited to rice, wheat, barley, flaxseed and soybeans. The Kubota DC-93 is a piece of agricultural machinery that might make farming less stressful, so get your hands on one as soon as possible.

Use of Combine harvester in Zambia

It is unlikely that the agricultural sector of Zambia would have progressed to the current level had it not been for Kubota combine harvesters. Farmers are able to harvest their crops in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way because of the variety of these harvesting machines. Despite the structural changes, this agricultural machinery is still utilized to harvest cash crops including rice, maize, oats, and soybeans. Kubota combine harvesters are popular among Zambian farmers due to their excellent impact quality and long-term durability. The use of these combines has simplified agricultural tasks and improved the quality of the produce. In addition to exceeding the predicted production, these combines’ efficiency in the agricultural sector was shown by the substantially reduced harvest time.

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