DC-35 Combine Harvesters in Zambia

DC-35 Combine Harvesters in Zambia

Because of their simple design and shallow harvest angles, rice harvesters like the Kubota combine harvester DC-35 are suited for use in paddy fields that are on the smaller side. As a result, it is now capable of rapidly and effectively rotating the harvesting head. Equipment that is small and easy to use makes harvesting viable in small spaces. The fast rotation and narrow harvesting angles of this piece of agricultural gear make it both efficient and effective (turning). Transporting more stuff is possible due to the compact size of the bag. The crawler only feels a minimal degree of ground pressure because of its large size and low weight. Even when dealing with large loads, the DC-35 is capable of delivering exceptional threshing and separation performance. It maintains a constant stream of air through the filter box thanks to its standard air stream cleaning technology. Using this procedure reduces the number of husks and other waste material created, particularly when dealing with big amounts. When the feeder conveyor or drill drum gets clogged, the DC-35 Kubota combine harvester’s Reversing Mechanism makes it simple to reverse the feed chain.

Price of DC-35

The price of the DC-35 Kubota Combine harvester in Zambia is heavily dependent on horsepower and harvester size. According to the usual rule of thumb, a smaller crop will cost less than a larger one. This price does not take into account any additional fees imposed by the nation in which the vehicle will be delivered. Tractor Zambia sells Kubota combine harvesters in a range of horsepower and size options.

Benefits of Combine harvester

Traditional grain crops including wheat, beans, and oil plants may be harvested with a combine harvester in Zambia. Combine harvester does have the potential to manage 2,000 acres in one season while still producing 45 tons of grain every hour. The Combine Harvester’s Power Stream function reduces material waste and enhances material intake efficiency, resulting in an overall boost in performance. In combination with the main cutting device, this header may be used to eliminate shattering losses and provide a constant feeding rate (powered by a planetary gear reducer). Hydraulics power the reel, which may be set to automatically vary its speed in reaction to ground movement. Kubota combine harvesters in Zambia are among the most widely used and trusted pieces of agricultural machinery. Automation of rice harvesting and transplanting has lowered labor costs and enhanced yields for rice farmers thanks to technology improvements. Sowing and harvesting may be more efficient with the use of agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters.

Agricultural machinery at Tractors Zambia

With modern agricultural machinery, farmers in Zambia may reap the benefits of Tractors Zambia’s programs. It is easier and more efficient to plant and harvest crops with the help of agricultural machinery like combine harvesters. Many types of agricultural machinery are presently available for purchase in Zambia, and Tractors Zambia can help you get them. You cannot go wrong with any of these itty-bitty attachments, from boom sprayers to fertilizer spreaders to chisel ploughs and disc harrows. To learn more about the DC-35, get in touch with Tractors Zambia. If you have any questions concerning new or used agricultural machinery, you can get out to us by filling out an online form or sending a WhatsApp message.

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