Chisel Plough

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A chisel plough is primary tillage equipment that is used by several Zambian farmers. It comprises narrow double-ended shovels, mainly known as chisel points. These chisel points are sharp enough to be able to rip through the soil, mixing it well. However, these chisel points do not pulverize the soil completely. This farm implement is used by Zambian farmers when they needed a resource for tilling into great depths. The soil is loosened to aerate it completely, in doing so, the soil residue is left behind.


Prominent Specifications

  • Hardpan is easily breakable.
  • Soil erosion is reduced to a great extent.
  • Up to 20 inches, the tilling depth can be reached.
  • The formation of the surface crust is reduced drastically.
  • The compaction effect can be seen decreasing as well.
  • The digging is done to mix the nutrients properly and aerate the soil.


Technical Specifications

  • 50 HP to 85 HP powered tractors are easily compatible with this farm implement.
  • The approximate working width is 1.20 meters.
  • Average calculated weight 225 – 360 Kg.
  • The frame is of a v shape and heavy steel box.
  • The linkage category is of types I and II.
  • Replaceable long tines in the quantity of 3 to 5.


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