Landscape Rakes

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A landscape rake is a durable and skillful farm implement, comprising of a hard-tined metal rake, which either can be operated manually or can be towed with the help of a tractor. The landscape rake available at Tractors Zambia can cover a fairly large area of Zambian fields. It is used by Zambian farmers for a variety of farming applications, including soil and ground leveling, mixing of compost, soil grading, gardening, leaves gathering, collecting debris, removal of pond weeds, mulch, and stone spreading. You can rely on our hard-wearing and strong landscape rakes for soil grading of any type of soil.


Prominent Specifications

  • Durable and depicts excellent agricultural performance.
  • Tough and resilient steel is used in the making.
  • Tines can be replaced when need be.
  • Economical and adaptable.
  • Adjustable tines.
  • Anti-corrosive and works with great potential.


Technical Specifications

  • The approximate width and approximate length are 1692 mm and 1608 mm respectively.
  • All 50 Hp tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • The total number of tines is estimated to be 384 tines.
  • The average working width is measured to be 1524 mm.
  • The optimum bucket capacity is 340 Kg.
  • The gross weight of the farm implement is 505 Kg.


Zambian farmers had to struggle every day to cultivate their fields with a generous number of primary crops. We at have been providing countless farming measures to combat the struggles faced by Zambian farmers. Our goal is to make every Zambian farmer self-sufficient in terms of farming resources. We own the best quality landscape rakes escalating the farming productivity manifolds. Besides, we own a dynamic range of agricultural machinery in Zambia which are uniquely distinctive and have been priced reasonably. So, get in touch with us as we have all your cultivation needs sorted.