Rice Planter

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A rice planter as the name implies functions primarily for transplanting rice saplings into the depths of paddy fields of Zambian soil. A rice planter is a very useful farm implement as it minimizes labor, makes farmers self-sufficient, paces up the process of planting rice saplings, and increases the overall productivity of rice harvesting procedures. The rice grains harvested via rice planters are of uncompromised quality and completely injury-free.


Prominent Specifications

  • Economical and preferred by farmers around the world.
  • Reduces manpower and additional costs.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification law.
  • Of genuine and export quality.
  • Rice plantings are more precise.
  • Increasing qualities of export quality rice are obtained.
  • Resilient, durable, and anti-corrosive.


Technical Specifications

  • For seedling plantation, stainless steel structural frame is used.
  • The average spacing between rice saplings is measured to be 20 cm – 40 cm.
  • All 50 Hp tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
  • Different sizes are available exclusively.


Long gone are the days when rice planting was a tedious task, stressing and burdening farmers beyond their capacities. Today is the era of technology and this technology brings to you the most advanced and technologically upgraded agricultural machinery that will never let you down and will drastically improve the production rate of your farming activities. Finding these technologically driven farm tractors and tractor attachments in Zambia is quite easy. Just contact us physically at our office or on our WhatsApp number and get your hands on the most sought-after farming tools in Zambia.